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This is depressing the hell out of me. So many Superman stories recently subvert the core of the character, no one knows what Superman is suppose to stand for anymore.

Young Justice: “It’s realistic to push away your clone/son, despite the fact the kid is desperate for guidance. Trust me there are tons who will relate to that. Listen that’s very in character and logical considering being the last Kryptonian is really your thing.”

TDKR: “No this won’t look bad for your anniversary. Today’s readers are quite pro establishment and you get to be the final boss of the government’s war on Batman. Besides you really haven’t been beaten up and put in your place by Batman in animation for an long time. Remember we talked about this? This is the best way to not appear overpowered. They’ll love it, you’ll see.”

Injustice: “Welp it’s Thursday so you will be going rogue again. Its what, the 21st time now? Hold on other line.” ”Well, it’s not his fault someone killed Lois again I heard she was pregnant this time!” “Ok, sorry. You think you could hold on to your ideals? Well no one really asked you.”

Main line Nu52: “Arrogant ass is definitely your complexion, not to mention an fan favorite. You like being relevant don’t you?”

MOS: “…whoa. We royally fucked that up! Hahaha. Don’t worry we got Batman in the sequel.”

Earth 2: “Die with dignity? No, no, no we need you to un-die and kill. What do you mean tired and played? Extraterrestrial murder machine is in your roots and what got you here!”

JL War: “So dig this, we need you to kill someone, endanger people and get captured. Yeah again. But this time, you’ll get to power level wank over Batman for awhile! Com’on, you’re never fun anymore. If you don’t like it we could just take you out the film, it wouldn’t change it. We’re just asking for none of that boyscout stuff if you want to be cool. You do want to be cool, we know you do. You can practically taste it! CAN’T YOU HUHHH YEAH !! This really looks like an job for Superman!”

I just read Max Landis Adventures of Superman and Superman used his frickin heat vision on Joker, denied having an kill code, invited the Joker to kill himself and threatened him with Death. Seriously??? This is Superman now!? He’s petty and mildly insane because he doesn’t care who Joker hurts, just as long as it isn’t in his city. But at least he’s bad ass because if he isn’t pleased he might just up and murder you!

He’s not supposed to be an jerk, evil or an serial killer. Even his recompilation book for the 75th anniversary portrays a mopey and useless Superman. He’s supposed to be an inspiration, and thanks to all this damn media… he isn’t. At all.

I’m not against change unless it’s a shitty one. Sure Superman gets to one up Batman, show off his powers, and break public perception here and there but it’s all been an monkey’s paw. How has Superman become better? How does he stand out now from the legions of superpowered people? Would you recognize him at all if he wasn’t called Superman? Call him anything else, “Kryptoman” “Alien Avenger”… is it still Superman at the core?

No. It’s not.

Shit, take me back to the time Superman meant something and the character merited respect in and out his universe. When he was warm, endearing and compassionate - the guy who would never let us down. When he would never let Batman talk down to him and his costume that inspired every hero come after wasn’t silly compared to an man who dresses up as Dracula and fights crime with an army of teens. When he demonstrated themes of an thinking man, honor, restraint, calm strength, preservation of ALL life, responsibility, confidence, fun and leadership because I was clearly born in the wrong generation.

This is about Superman being boring. It’s about deluded fans and writers who think just because he’s vanilla he doesn’t have any merit. I know this expression gets thrown around by fanboys all the time, but I honestly believe that DC is ruining the character. They’re eroding an icon, one story at an time. When the dust has all settled Superman is still aggressively disliked, ignored, mocked and varied in every popular medium to the point we now sit with a “fixed”(generic) Superman, definitive for this generation going forward, ok with turning heads around to solve his problems and the common idea is still “batman is teh only good dc character, everyone else sucks”. And people wonder why they can’t do an Wonder Woman movie. rant\

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    This is all so true and it makes me very sad.
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    This is so sad…
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    You know the Golden Age Superman? What’s “your” Superman and how to you justify its existence over all others? Or.. how...
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    Believe me, I know how you feel. Between New 52, Man of Steel, and Injustice, 2013 was a very frustrating year to be a...
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    Read Greg Pak’s Action stuff and every other arch in Adventures or Smallville season 11. Supes is still there going...
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